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"I said ClingZ not Klingon!"

Star-net Trek -- Starnet Director's Cut

Ah what a nuisance those Klingons are... but Cling Z, now we’re talking!

Cling Z is a patented, electrically charged polypropylene film that adheres to virtually any dry indoor surface. We are an authorized printer for cling Z.

Offered in white or clear, Cling Z is more versatile than static cling vinyl - clinging to drywall, glass, wood, metal, even brick - without adhesive! Cling Z is environmentally friendly, recyclable, and non-toxic.

Over the past decade Cling Z has been used in imaginative ways for point of purchase displays, retail signage, direct mail, magazine inserts, photoproducts, specialty items and dry erasable products - among many other applications. Businesses and consumers appreciate Cling Z's ease of application - no bubbles, wrinkles or residue to hassle with as with adhesive backed or vinyl products. It can be applied with either side, so displaying a message with printed side to a window is a snap. Cling Z can be slid into position and is easily repositioned and removed.

It's no wonder people are inspired when they see ClingZ in action. Ideas begin to flow - the applications are endless. Contact us and get charged with possibilities!

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