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"You had me at 'Pocket Folders'"

Jerry Maguire -- Starnet Director's Cut

Let us complete you with our precision die-cut Pocket Folders.

Doing all die cutting and gluing in house ensures a high quality product, at the right price, when you need it, every time!

Using Presentation Folders in your business, creates a great overall "presentation" to your audience by creating "put together" look to anything you are looking for present to a client, an investor or anyone else you need to present information to in a professional manner. Many people and businesses use Presentation Folders to hold product flyers, product brochures, professional documents printed on professional letterhead, custom created rack cards, business cards, legal documents or anything else that needs to be presented with the image of professionalism.

When your prospective clients are comparing your product or service against your competition, using presentation folders could be what sets you apart from the person who shows up to the same presentation with a label on a generic presentation folder. The person who shows up looking "put together", organized and professional is much more likely to win in a competitive situation like this one. Wouldn't you prefer to do business with a company/person that pays attention to the small details down to having custom presentation folders created for their business. Portraying a professional front with company literature that has a consistent look and feel down to a matching presentation folder.

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